Protection Shield for Stoma & Insulin Infusion Set (Pack of One)


$8.50 Shipping & Handling in the U.S. Only

Benefits Include:

  • Protection shield: 2.25” x 4.25”
  • Low profile… 7/8 inch
  • 2” x 54” Elastic adjustable belt (cut to fit. one size fits all)
  • Velcro attached on one side
  • Belt is latex free

Product Care:

  • Belt care: Machine wash & air dry
  • Shield care: Hand wash & air dry


The Story

So…what is the Stoma-Protech you ask?

The co-founder of the device had a conversation with his grandfather who has had a stoma since 2015. The conversation centered around the fact that there is really nothing on the market that offers protection & security at a reasonable price. Throughout many years, he has tried just about every “protection” device on the market and has been continually disappointed. So, the “co-founder” went to work & developed the Stoma-Protech working with his Grandfather. (Patent Pending) His Grandfather absolutely loves the “Stoma-Protech” & uses it every day….now the product is available to everyone at a very affordable price!

The Stoma-Protech does exactly what it is supposed to do…. & it can also be used to protect insulin infusion sets as well!

The “one size fits all” belt is included & can be adjusted to your specific dimensions.